Beekeeping Supplies

Packages, Nucs, and Queens
Starr Farms - Willamette Valley Queens, Nucs, Package Bees
GloryBee Foods, Eugene OR
Oliverez Bees - Northern California Queens, Nucs, Package Bees
Shonnards - Corvallis OR Nucs - Order now
Flying Bee Ranch - Salem, OR Nucs - Order now
         5180 Lardon Rd. NE Salem, OR 97305 Hours: Tues-Sat 9am-5pm
Paul's Bees - Sacramento, CA Pkg Bees/Nucs, Queens available in May
        Click on Oregon Washington orders. Stops along I-5 going to Portland

Beekeeping Equipment Suppliers

Down to Earth, 532 Olive St, Eugene, OR 97401 541-342-6820
GloryBee Foods, Eugene OR
Mann Lake, Hackensack MN
Dadant & Sons, Hamilton IL
Flying Bee Ranch - Salem, OR
Bee Outside - Hive and Garden, Portland OR
B & B Honey Farm
Better Bee, Greenwich, NY
Shonnards, Corvallis OR
Bee Commerce, Weston CT
Kelly Company, Clarkson KY

Specialty Equipment
Ross Rounds Information

Beekeeping Equipment Plans
Pat Waters' 5 gal Bee Vac
Building Instructions for Queen Confinement Cages - Max Kuhn
Bee Source Magazine Equipment Plans
David Cushman Drawings of Hives and Hive Parts