About Us!

We are a diverse bunch of individuals who share a fascination for the honeybee and its workings. Our members range from full-time beekeepers and pollinators to hobbyists involved in back-yard beekeeping.

The Lane County Beekeepers Association is dedicated to enhancing beekeeping and insuring that honeybees continue to provide pollination and enjoyment to all. LCBA uses the public forum, monthly meetings, and mentoring to inform and educate the value of the honeybee to all.

The Lane County Beekeepers Association is an Oregon nonprofit association organized and to be operated for the specific and primary purposes to promote, and carry out plans, policies, and activities that will tend to further the growth and development of beekeepers and the products there of. The Association may also engage in all lawful activities for which nonprofit associations may operate under the laws of the State of Oregon and that tend to further the primary purposes of the Association.


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