Education Sites

Oregon State - In The Bees   GREAT Educational videos from OSU Bee Lab
Randy Oliver's Scientific Beekeeping
Rusty Burlew's Honey Bee Suite
Installing Package Bees & Introducing Nucs - YouTube Videos
Plants for Pollinators
Queen's piping and quacking
Sound of queenless and queenright hives
USDA Bee Lab Tucson AZ
David Cushman's Beekeeping Info, England

Beekeeping Associations
Oregon State Beekeepers Association
Oregon Master Beekeeper Program
Washington State Beekeepers Association

National Honey Board Information and Recipes
NHB Honey types and flavors

Residential Beekeeping, Bee Kill Incidents and Other things
Best Practice Guidelines for Nuisance-Free Beekeeping in Oregon
Quick Guide To Reporting A Bee Kill Incident

Beekeeping Magazines
American Bee Journal
Bee Culture Magazine

Member Pages
Honeystone Candles: Bertie Stringer's Original Candle Mold Candles