Beekeeping Supplies

Beekeeping Equipment Suppliers

Down to Earth, 532 Olive St, Eugene, OR 97401 541-342-6820
GloryBee Foods, Eugene OR
Mann Lake, Hackensack MN
Dadant & Sons, Hamilton IL
Bee Outside - Hive and Garden, Portland OR
B & B Honey Farm
Better Bee, Greenwich, NY
Shonnards (was Nectar Bee Supply), Corvallis OR
Bee Commerce, Weston CT
Kelly Company, Clarkson KY

Specialty Equipment
Ross Rounds Information

Beekeeping Equipment Plans
Pat Waters' 5 gal Bee Vac
Building Instructions for Queen Confinement Cages - Max Kuhn
Bee Source Magazine Equipment Plans
David Cushman Drawings of Hives and Hive Parts

Starr Farms - Willamette Valley Queens
Oliverez Bees - Northern California Queens