Varroa Mite Control

Tools For Varroa Management - (p. 11 contains Videos on Treatment and Management)
Varroa Management Decision Tool -when and how to treat for Varroa
Video - Why Did My Bees Die? Informative video from Michagan State University

Good Sites on Honey Bee Health

Honey Bee Health
American and European Foul Brood Information

USDA Bee Labs

"The USDA Bee Disease Diagnosis Service" is for beekeepers across the U.S. There is no charge for this service.
Samples received of adult bees and beeswax comb (with and without bee brood) are examined for bacterial, fungal and protozoan diseases as well as for two species of parasitic mites and other pests associated with honey bees (i.e., small hive beetle, Aethina tumida)."

USDA Bee Lab Beltsville, MD
How To Send A Sample for Diagnosis