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Things will be added to the library as they are received. This page should turn out to be a useful reference tool for every beekeeper.

The following are in PDF format. Allow time to download

LCBA Talks

Honey Labeling Laws -Jeff Green 7/24/2018
Why Did My Hive Die? - Mike France 2/20/2018
Fall and Winter Management - Judy Scher - 07/17/2018
Re-queening - Morris Ostrofsky 8/15/2017
Understanding Varroa Biology - Morris Ostrofsky - March, 2017
Bait Boxes - Morris Ostrofsky - March, 2017
Under-Appreciated Products of the Hive - Judy Scher 1/19/2016
Reading Frames - Morris Ostrofsky 2015
Know Nucs - Morris Ostrofsky 2015
Fun Facts About Bees - Morris Ostrofsky - 1/20/2015
Varroa Mite Management - Dr. Ramesh Sagili - 9/16/2014
Pests And Diseases - Pam Levitt - 6/17/2014
Miller Method of Queen Rearing: Time Line - Morris Ostrofsky

Varroa Mite Control

Why Did My Bees Die This Winter?
Tools For Varroa Management - Honey Bee Health Coalition
       Supporting Videos - to go with the above .pdf - scroll to middle of page for videos
Disease Resource List
EPA-registered Pesticide Products Approved for Use Against Varroa Mites in Bee Hives

Legal Info and Forms

Oregon Labeling Laws and Farm Direct
ODA Farm Direct Marketing Info
Application for Exemption from Licensing for Honey Extractors with 20 or Fewer Hives
Apiary Registration For Over 4 hives
Apiary Registration Questions

Other Resources

Plants for Pollinators
Queen's piping and quacking.
Sound of queenless and queenright hives
Quick Guide To Reporting A Bee Kill Incident
Pat Waters' 5 gal Bee Vac