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June Meeting via Zoom

2021 Swarm List

Installing Package Bees & Introducing Nucs - YouTube Videos

Be a part of the Swarm Study Opportunity at the OSU Bee Lab!
Dr.Ramesh Sagil at the OSU Honey Bee Lab is seeking beekeepers to participate in a research project on swarming.

IMPORTANT VARROA INFORMATION from Honey Bee Health Coalition
Tools For Varroa Management - (p. 11 contains Videos on Treatment and Management)
Varroa Management Decision Tool -when and how to treat for Varroa
Best Management Practices for Bee Health - click on download the .pdf
Video - Why Did My Bees Die? Informative video from Michagan State University

LEGAL and LABELING Information and Forms
Oregon Beekeeper Legal Info and Forms

Residential Beekeeping:
Best-practice guidelines for nuisance-free beekeeping in Oregon

Plants For Pollinators

Save The Bee - What GloryBee Foods is doing to help our bees

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