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Welcome to the LCBA website!

This is the official website for the Lane County Beekeepers Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to the field of bees and beekeeping.
For more information check out our "About Us" page


2020 Bee School Info

IMPORTANT VARROA INFORMATION from Honey Bee Health Coalition
Tools For Varroa Management - (p. 11 contains Videos on Treatment and Management)
Varroa Management Decision Tool -when and how to treat for Varroa
Best Management Practices for Bee Health - click on download the .pdf
Video - Why Did My Bees Die? Informative video from Michagan State University

LEGAL Information and Forms
Oregon Beekeeper Legal Info and Forms
Oregon Label Requirements For Strained Honey

Residential Beekeeping:
Best-practice guidelines for nuisance-free beekeeping in Oregon

Plants For Pollinators

Save The Bee - What GloryBee Foods is doing to help our bees

Educational LCBA presentations are found in the Reference section.
Resources like Suppliers, Equipment and additional Educational sites are in the Links Section.
      --Especially check out the Jamie Ellis videos on pests, diseases and treatments!

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